SelfPay® means more sales, made simply

  • Offer full self-checkout on the shopper’s device
  • Allow associates to accept payments anywhere, on their device
  • Reduce in-store lineups and optimize labor
  • Engage each shopper at their personal moment of decision


POS everywhere

Every shopper or associate owned in-store device with SelfPay® or SelfPay Staff can process orders anywhere

Secure payments

Our PCI Level 1 compliant partner, Digital River, handles all private payment details; no insecure credit card information is stored on any mobile device

Saves time

Gives shoppers options for speedy checkout; when they can’t wait, they have SelfPay at hand

Improves results

Optimize labor and increase sales; re-deploy staff from checkout to sales floor

No dongles

All SelfPay® and SelfPay Staff transactions are 100% software-based, even those pesky credit and debit card ones

How it works

SelfPay® is our in-store shop and pay solution which allows your shoppers to skip the checkout line. We do this by offering two mobile apps in one cohesive package. SelfPay® is our consumer app while SelfPay Staff is operated by store associates.

SelfPay® lets shoppers scan items and pay for them from anywhere in store on their own device. Shoppers can pay using credit cards, debit cards and ewallets. On their way out, shoppers simply displays their receipt to a staff member who uses our companion app, SelfPay Staff, to verify shopper transactions. SelfPay Staff also allows associates to accept card or ewallet payments directly in-app without the need for a physical card reader or proprietary payment device.

Both apps eliminate checkout lines and wait time, provide solutions that match shopper’s different needs, and improve the in-store shopping experience.

Everyone hates waiting, especially at the checkout lines. SelfPay delights your shoppers with a seamless experience and the gift of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods can I accept in SelfPay® and SelfPay Staff?

We accept all major credit cards, credit card branded debit cards, Apple Pay and PayPal. We plan on adding more payment methods including popular ewallets and other debit cards. We leave it up to you to decide which payment methods to accept in-app. All payments flow through your existing payments processor and into your merchant or ewallet account.

How do you deter theft? It seems a little TOO easy…

Sales Staff can use our patented VERIFY feature on their own mobile device at the door or by the fitting room where they verify digital SelfPay® receipts, offer shoppers bags, remove tags and confirm that what the shopper is walking out with matches what they put into their bag. SelfPay’s verify process takes only seconds and can help deter and even reduce theft. VERIFY is included in all SelfPay® subscriptions and can be deployed from anywhere in-store at any time and for any amount of transactions you desire.

How does SelfPay® know that a shopper is in my store and how can I be assured that payments are being credited to my merchant account?

We brand the SelfPay® experience to your store location as soon as the shopper walks in. We want you to be the hero, not SelfPay®. We know a shopper is in-store by using a combination of location services and small physical devices called beacons. When a shopper walks into your store, your beacon is seen by the shopper’s phone and we send the shopper a welcome message. SelfPay then dynamically opens to your store showing only your branding, items and pricing. As soon as a shopper sees your branding and is able to scan your items, they are placed in your store and all payments will flow through to your own account.

Are you PCI level 1 compliant?

Yes. We use Beanstream, a subsidiary of Digital River, to vault and transmit credit card information to your payment processor. Both Beanstream and Digital River are PCI level 1 compliant.

Which POS systems and payment processors are you compatible with?

We are fully integrated with Vend, Shopify and sproutPOS. If you’re not using one of these POS systems or are a larger merchant with a completely custom solution it’s not a problem. We’ll work with you to make SelfPay a seamless extension of your POS. Thanks to our integration with Beanstream; we connect to over 450 payment processors globally.

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The story behind SelfPay®

Digital Retail Apps was founded in 2012 by Wendy after a long career advising to some of the largest global Fortune 100 merchants and tech companies. Shortly after, Digital Retail Apps took on more staff members and the research process began. We knew there were clear problems with today’s payment landscape: too many mobile payment methods and too many apps created a highly fragmented in-store shopping and paying experience. Shoppers and merchants were confused and both were reporting that they were not seeing much of a benefit from what was available. We decided to topsy-turvy the solution; instead of creating a costly replacement to existing infrastructure, we decided to work with what the majority of merchants already had. We integrate with your POS, your payment methods and your merchant account to not just provide a mobile payment method, but a better shopper experience.

SelfPay® is our story. We hope you like it.

Wendy MacKinnon Keith


Julian Paas


Susan MacKay

Vice Pesident, Business Development

Jakub Ostapinski

Director Marketing and Business Operations

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We invite you to pilot SelfPay® at your retail chain. For fastest deployment, we can implement a version of SelfPay® running parallel to your existing enterprise system using one of our prebuilt POS integrations. This gives your chain speedy deployment for a trial and an opportunity to see how SelfPay® helps your operation ahead of any integration with your existing back end systems.